Try These Inspired Ways To Find A New Job

When you know you want a better job, the search can seem endless. But unless you continually strive for better, you won’t get anything better. It’s important to keep on top of your industry of interest. You need to know who the key employers are and what moves they are making in the market. This will help you find the right leads for jobs as they come up.

Most of us have a company or two in mind that we would love to work for. Whether you’re starting out or your career has spanned decades, it can be tricky to win a job with a dream employer. Sometimes you need to take work with a competitor to get the right experience within the industry. Or you might find you need to take a backward step to move forward with your ideal company.

Some companies are huge. They have recruitment cycles to keep staff turnover contained. These employers can be good to work for because they will have plenty of upward opportunities. You may also be able to move into different departments and areas of the business. You can find job applications for the biggest companies online at These can be the ideal way to get a foot in the door.

Most HR departments don’t have the time or resources to respond or even accept a cold job enquiry. However, some department heads may be talent scouting. It can be a good idea to attend job fairs, especially if you are a graduate. Making contacts and networking is an ideal way to meet those that have made it in your industry. If nothing else, you can always be offered valuable advice.



It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the jobs market even when you are happy in your current position. Salaries and working benefits change over time. You can see what other employers are paying for people in your position. You may be able to use this to help negotiate pay rises or an improved benefits package. Sometimes the only way to move up in your career is to take a job with another employer.

To find your dream job, keep checking your favorite company’s recruitment page. Make sure you read their newsletters. Make phone calls to the HR department every few months to ask if any positions may be opening up soon that you should look out for. You might even be accepted to do some work experience for a week or two. This is one of the best ways to get a permanent position.

Although the work is never guaranteed, working as a temp is an excellent way to get a permanent position at your favorite company. Find out from the HR department who their temp agency is. Apply to them for work. Keep your resume broad so you could be offered any admin or factory line work. Once you are in as a temp, you can network with the key team leaders responsible for recruiting. You may also have access to the company intranet to find the latest jobs. Keep hunting.

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