Teaching: Your Next Big Career Move?

If there is one person who we owe a lot to in life that isn’t in our direct contact network right now – it could be that teacher who changed it all for us. The one who bent the rules of life a little bit, the one that told us how things go. Teachers aren’t just there to recount a textbook, but truly – to teach.

Teaching is an age old profession, from the church followers who taught others how to read and write, to the followers of philosophers like Socrates who developed their own theories right through to your history teacher; they have been around forever and have been vastly important in our development. Continue reading

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Ultimate Tips For Dealing With The Boss From Hell

Your working environment can often have a huge impact on how able you are to do your job. Unless you are freelance or work for yourself, you will probably spend most of your working days in an office with other people who are your colleagues.

Sometimes, these people can make going to work a real joy – you may have a couple of close friends on your team, and you look forward to seeing them every morning. But equally, you may also have some certain people at work who rub you up the wrong way. This is usually inevitable, and most of the time it’s pretty easy to deal with simply by avoiding those people at work who you don’t like. Continue reading

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Improving Your Professional Life Out Of Office

Improving your professional life out of the office is really important if you want to do well at work. Doing your best at work is great, but aiming to improve in your own time will give you an edge over people you work with.

You might just pip them to the post when it comes to a promotion, get a pay-rise, or experience another great success at work. Here are a few ways you can improve your professional life outside of the office: Continue reading

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Is Your Boss Exploiting You?

When it comes to work, there’s a fine line between negotiation and exploitation. In a negotiation, your boss asks you to do something and you have the option of firing back with a series of demands to sweeten the deal. But when you’re being exploited, you don’t have this option. Work is loaded on you like you’re a pack-horse and you’re expected to simply deal with it.

Sometimes the manipulation is more subtle. In some companies, there’s a culture of “just working another hour.” Bosses are often very good at putting social and emotional pressure on their employees, squeezing every last ounce of productivity from them before they return home to their families, often late on a Friday night. Continue reading

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Getting Comfortable in Your New Office

It can take a while to make yourself comfortable at a new job. There are new people to meet, new ways of working to get a grasp of and a boss to impress. If you can make your new office a safe haven for while you’re working you’ll find you’re more productive and you don’t leave everyday feeling stressed to the max. Here are a few ways of making life a bit easier for yourself in the office. Continue reading

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The Right Way To Start A Consultancy Business

At some point in your career, whatever industry you serve, you will be getting close to achieving expertise in everything you do. And when this occurs, you might be tempted to take those skills away from the safety of your employed status and all its benefits and strike out alone as a consultant.

It makes a lot of sense. With your experience, you can create a consultancy business that chooses who it works with, and you can get a little more control over your life and direction than you currently have as an employee. There is a much higher opportunity for financial success, too. Continue reading

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Little Office Lifts

An office is not always easy to run. On the face of it, it seems like it is. But in reality it simply isn’t. There are dozens of things you need to think of, all kinds of issues to be dealt with.

If you are only just expanding into an office and recruiting employees for the first time then you may face more problems than you think. It can be hard to deal with them too, because you are essentially running a business, so taking care of office based problems becomes pretty tough. Time management becomes essential. As such, any helpful additions that make your job easier are welcomed. Continue reading

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