Systems to Keep You Moving up in Your Career

Everyone wants to find themselves in a position where they’re moving effortlessly up the ladder of progression in their chosen career, whether that means getting promoted to upper management or landing a great new client contract. Just be careful if your job literally includes a ladder and contact a company like

But what’s the most reliable way to ensure that we keep moving from strength to strength in our careers? A good set of KPIs? SMART targets?

Actually, there’s a good argument to be made that the correct answer is “systems”. While a goal or a target is something that you know you want, work towards, and try to achieve by a certain deadline, a system is essentially a habit or routine that you utilize every day, regardless of external constraints.

With the right systems you can make continuous progress without the stress of obsessing overly much over goals. Continue reading

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Tired of Rejection? It’s Time to Improve Your Prospects

If you’re tired of diligently applying for job after job, taking the time to perfect your resume and ensure that you present yourself well at interview, only to be rejected at various stages of the recruitment process, It might be time to improve your prospects, so you can finally seal the deal.

There are many ways to improve your employment prospects when you haven’t had much success in the past, but here are some of the most effective:

Improve Your Education

One of the most effective ways to boost your job prospects is to get back into education. Whether you finally go back to school to complete your degree or you take a career development course with CSUSM Extended Learning, the more strings you have to your bow, the more you’re likely to impress HR. Obviously, this isn’t the fastest way to gain employment, but it is one of the best, and it will improve your prospects not just now, but in the future too. Continue reading

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Job Roles Which Will Leave A Lasting Difference

The career market is a fun one. Not only are there many different roles available you can train and become a part of, but the division of labor allows someone experience multiple different job roles during the course of their lifetime.

Once, the job roles were either ‘hunter’ or ‘gatherer,’ but in our complex and incredible societies, there are so many different disciplines for us to choose that we often have complete freedom.

Of course, qualifications and experience are often a factor, but with the right tenacity and dedication, almost everything can be achieved. Continue reading

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Staying Safe At Work So You Can Do Your Job Efficiently

When you’re employed, it’s likely that you don’t think about the safety aspect of what you’re doing because you trust your employer to have given you the correct training.

However, when you’re a business owner, one of the main things you think about is whether you and your staff are safe doing the job that you’re in. Here’s a few ideas on how you can stay safe at work so that you can continue to do your job efficiently.

Take Your Time

Rushed work is not only likely to be of bad quality, but it can also put you in a position where you’re in harms way. For example, if you work in a kitchen and you’re trying to quickly dice some food so that you can move onto your next task, you’re putting yourself at risk of cutting yourself.

Taking your time will ensure that the risk of an accident is lowered, and also that your work is of a better quality. Continue reading

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How Can Running A Business Benefit You In A Personal Sense?

We all have dreams of running your own business, reaping the benefits, and living the high life. But, is the reality like how we imagine it? The short answer is, no, of course not. But how does it impact your earning potential when you are passionate about a business idea that you have the greatest feeling for?

The cynical among you, when it comes to jumping ship, especially from a full-time job, may think that it is a very stupid idea, and could land you in a lot of hot water, and a lot of debt.

But it’s not just about the financial difficulties, but it’s about the sense of fulfillment you will have within yourself. A lot of people, when they are job hunting, will go for the idea of running their own business more than the actual tasks that it entails. Continue reading

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Becoming Your Own Boss? Here’s How To Do It Right

Many of us have had that dream of starting our own business. Stuck in the rut of nine till five jobs, chained to a desk and slaving over a keyboard, simply doing a job that doesn’t fulfill our passions or excites is in any way possible.

Sound familiar? You won’t be alone in this thought process. The truth is, the difference between people thinking it, and actually doing it, is astronomical.

What is stopping you? The main thing is the process and not knowing where to start. I thought I would outline exactly what you can do to get you started on the road to becoming your own boss.

Network within the industry

Networking is one of the leading ways to get ahead within your industry and ultimately gain the confidence to be your own boss. It enables you to establish contacts within different stages of your niche and expertise.

Helping you to gain a better grounding for launching on your own with your own support network behind you. It is also advisable to network within other areas of business as well, finance experts, sales leaders, they can all help you, guide you and even inspire you on your journey. Continue reading

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Overcoming Awkward Interview Questions

One of the toughest parts about looking for a new job is the interview process. Some companies like to have two or three stages and seemingly, each stage asks the same questions! The repetitiveness of the interviews isn’t just annoying, it’s draining. The whole process of looking for work can be stressful enough as it is without staged interviews making it even harder.

Some interviews have awkward questions and usually this is strategic on the part of the interviewer as they want to make you squirm to get to know your weak spots. Having to talk about an unfair dismissal because of gaps on your resume is never easy, but overcoming awkward interview questions is a way to move past that. Some interviews are rather inexperienced, but if you find yourself feeling a little off-guard during the process, you need to be more prepared! Continue reading

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