Sure-Fire Ways To Enhance A Career In The Armed Forces

There are two ways to approach a career in the armed forces. The first is to get your head down, be a good soldier, and do what you are told. The second way is to get your head down, be a good soldier, and do what you are told – and show a lot of ambition.

When you join the armed forces, the only thing in the way of your success is you, and there are no limits to what you might achieve. Some privates have become high-ranking officers and infantry grunts that have become highly specialised intelligence officers. Continue reading

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The Not So Secret Blueprint For Maximized Earnings

As far as your career is concerned, your salary should be top of your agenda at all times. Regardless of the reasons you chose your field of expertise, financial stability is key. After all, increased wealth allows you to achieve the comfort needed to enjoy life to the fullest. Besides, earning less money than you deserve will soon leave you feeling disillusioned – even if you love the job itself. Continue reading

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Career Advice For The Spiritually Conscious

How do you know when you’re a naturally spiritual person? Spirituality is one of those things that often, is neither here nor there – it can be different from person to person. Many people can run their spirituality – whether it’s their religion or a lifestyle choice – along with their everyday life in whatever job they currently have. But for some of us, maintaining spiritual practices and thought in a monotonous desk job can be quite a challenge. Continue reading

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Ultra-Successful Business Leaders Give Delicious Career Advice

If you’re young in your career, you’ve no doubt be exposed to a bunch of truisms on how to get a job. You’ve heard things like “follow your passion” and “give 120 percent” time and time again. And while these might sound like great pieces of advice, they’re not actually very helpful and kind of yawningly obvious. Continue reading

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Jobs That Will Help You Make A Difference

The phrase ‘if you can’t do, teach’ is one of the most incorrect and ridiculous in the world.



Teaching is a way to make a huge difference in the world, by helping to form the minds of young people. It isn’t just about teaching kids how to do algebra and when you should use a semicolon – rather, being a teacher means that you’re also showing them the correct way to behave and how to interact with other people. Continue reading

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Turn Your Hobby Into A Career

Sometimes we can become a little bit static in our lives.  Maybe it’s because we aren’t happy where we live, or we are missing a soul mate to plan a future with and sometimes it is because our career just isn’t pressing the right buttons anymore.  woman-talking

With retirement age getting further away and people working well into their sixties it is possible to switch paths right into your thirties and still end up with a great wage and a good pension.  So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading

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Get Motivated, Get Paid, Get Made

If you’re honest with yourself, really honest, you’ll admit that one of your greatest career goals is to make a lot of money. You don’t want to be stuck on the minimum wage or making just about enough to get by. Well, the good news is with so many prospects on the market, you don’t have to. You just have to make the right decisions and keep moving forward. Continue reading

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