3 Benefits From Taking A Year Out To Work Abroad

The idea of a gap year is nothing new; in fact, people have been taking some version of a ‘gap year’ for hundreds of years. Before they settle down into normal life, they spend a few months – or years if they are lucky – experiencing and living in another country. In the modern world, it’s most often done between high school and college.

As worthy as gap years are, they do have a tendency to happen a little too early in life. There are myriad benefits to taking a year or more out of ‘normal’ life, so perhaps it’s a concept that should be used throughout life? Rather than continuing on in the same place, with the same employer, doing the same job, for year after year… you occasionally break away for 12 months and try something different, something new. Continue reading

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What Does It Take For A Business To Have The “Full Package”?

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to succeed then you’ve already got a huge chunk of the package necessary to create a profitable business. Of course, there are many more components to creating a strong company which stands the test of time. The following pieces of advice might just help you to ensure that your business has the “full package”.

A strong workforce

It’s so important that your business team is made up of the right people, first of all. You need employees who have a team mentality. You want your business to do well, but that won’t happen if your employees aren’t bothered; they’re the people who determine how productive your business is going to be. Continue reading

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Here’s How You Hack into An HR Career

One of the most popular industries that many graduates try to break into is HR. It’s also extremely popular with people who fancy a career change after a few years in a completely different industry. But, as there are so many people applying for jobs and positions, you will find that it can certainly be a cut-throat world to try to break into.

Thankfully, though, getting your dream HR job isn’t completely impossible. You just need to remember the following extremely useful tips and tricks.

Set Up A Plan

There are a few different ways to break into HR. For instance, you might want to look for a full-time role with a company in which you can specialize in recruiting. Alternatively, you might prefer to work closely with people and strengthen a company’s work environment and culture. Continue reading

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It’s Time To Stop Letting Employers Walk Over You

No-one wants to be taken advantage of. However, a lot of people also want to make a job and a working relationship work, so they’re willing to stick around for longer than they probably should be. If your boss continues to walk all over you, what can you do about it? Here are four steps to making sure you don’t get stuck in a job that you grow to hate in a business that makes no room for you.

Know your worth

If you feel like you’re not getting the validation, the respect, and the compensation you deserve, then it’s time to take a broader look at what you contribute to the company.

If your boss hasn’t offered you a raise in a long-time, can you put together the body of evidence to show the value you provide and negotiate yourself a raise? Continue reading

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Changing Careers: Strength, Bravery And Sharpness Of Mind

If you’ve noticed there’s something within you that wants to protect, coordinate or lead a team; you may want to think about changing careers.

Many people who find the office desk job boring and want to go out into the big wide world, and do something that’s constructive and physically challenging, find many different careers to suit their needs.

The bottom line is, some people just want to be on their feet, moving around, doing different tasks that may be risky, difficult to manage or require you to think tactically while on the move. The alpha male and female nature in some people are braver; hence high-pressure environments are like water off a duck’s back to them. Continue reading

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Could It Be Time For A Career Change?

Years ago, it was common practice that you got a job and you kept that job until you retired. There wasn’t a lot of room for change, and people didn’t always feel the need to seek it.

But as the world has evolved, our attitudes towards work have changed along with it. Jobs now come with a lot of different worries, stresses and hassles that weren’t necessarily there before. Because of this, it’s more common for people to change careers.

If you’re starting to wonder whether a change of careers might be on the cards for you, here are some reasons why you should take that thought seriously. Continue reading

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Building On Foundations: Tips To Further Your Property Career

Working in the property industry is extremely popular right now, and we’ve already written about the various types of jobs you might want to take up in this sector. For our follow-up blog post on this topic, here are some great ways you can build on your initial foundations and further your property career.

In Construction

In order to further your career in the construction industry, you simply need to build up a good reputation. So, you simply need to continue to deliver everything that you promise.

Eventually, your reputation will be highly regarded, and you will find that this starts to bring in new customers. Once you have been with a construction company for a few years, you then might want to become an independent construction worker. In order to do this, you will need to either become a sole trader or create your very own construction company! Continue reading

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