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Common job-hunting mistakes by the long-time unemployed, a guest post

In the unstable economy of today, it is fairly common for a number of people to be incapable of finding a job for a prolonged period of time. A sudden influx of spare time after either getting fired from a … Continue reading

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Five Steps For A Successful Job Search, a guest post

Searching for a job is one of the most arduous tasks for an individual or a professional. It is important for the candidates to cover all the basics of a job search which include important steps like creating a résumé … Continue reading

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Are We Ready for a World Without Resumes?

Originally posted on One Man's Opinion:
Jen Hubley Luckwaldt Updating resumes and writing cover letters can feel like an insurmountable obstacle in the job hunting process, even when you’re desperate for a new gig. For one thing, it’s hard…

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Start a Negotiation Off the Right Way

Originally posted on Cperky's Blog:
When sitting down to a negotiation, many wait to see if the other person is going to make the first move. Instead of sitting back, lead the way. Start the conversation by establishing how…

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Oh, The Wait

Long-term unemployment is soo tough, but keep fighting the good fight. And always keep believing in yourself.

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