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The Weird And Wonderful Ways Job Seekers Blow It

Being a job seeker can often be a frustrating experience. You send off dozens of applications and hear nothing in return. It can be a miserable experience, trying to sell yourself to employers and not have anybody take the bait. … Continue reading

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Get More Job Hunting Success By Following These Rules

It’s easy to spend months hunting for your first proper job. This is normal, a lot of people struggle to find work. However, if you follow these three rules, you’ll have more chance of finding a permanent job. Stop Trying … Continue reading

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4 Reasons You Should Consider A Car Mechanic Career

If you’re someone that likes being quite hands-on in what you do, then I have a career suggestion for you. I think that a car mechanic career would be the perfect path to go down, and here’s why: Can Start … Continue reading

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What to Do Immediately After Graduating

When you’ve just graduated, and you’re about to start looking for work, the world can seem very big and scary all of a sudden. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by it all though. Here are the first things you … Continue reading

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4 Well-Paid Freelance Careers You Should Consider

When many people are looking for work, they decide to become a freelancer. Freelancing means you don’t work exclusively for one company. You aren’t on anyone’s payroll; you get paid as you work. Here’s my pick of the best freelance … Continue reading

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Try These Inspired Ways To Find A New Job

When you know you want a better job, the search can seem endless. But unless you continually strive for better, you won’t get anything better. It’s important to keep on top of your industry of interest. You need to know … Continue reading

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Job hunting is like a game, so why not create one

I’m intrigued by a recent article I saw about some British entrepreneur trying to launch a job hunting board game called Worker Placement. Continue reading

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