The Top 5 Industries with Job Availability

Are you thinking of having a career change, but you don’t know which industry will have the best job availability? We’ve made a list of the top 5 industries who are currently hiring so that you can make an informed decision on where to look. You’re bound to find a job in one of these industries, so take a look at what they offer and see if you fancy joining them.


In this new digital era where everything seems to be done online, the IT industry is booming. There is a big demand for IT experts in lots of areas, for example in technical support, programmers, web developers, computer systems analysts and network engineers. Take a look at these Security Information and Event Management tools by Tim Keary at Comparitech to see if dealing with challenges like cybersecurity could float your boat.


The manufacturing industry is a crucial part of our economy and will therefore always be a great place to find work. It supplies all of our consumer products and you could find yourself working with a variety of different materials. For example, food, textiles, fuel, minerals or electronics. There is something for everyone in this industry, whether you’d enjoy working in a factory or in a management position.


The healthcare industry can be one of the most rewarding industries to work in. The majority of your time is going to be spent either caring for others in a hands-on way or by designing systems with them in mind. Healthcare careers  range from nursing and midwifery to therapy and surgery. It takes a certain kind of person to go for a job in healthcare but if you have what it takes it could be a very secure industry to work in.


If you’re a people person, a job in retail could be what you’re looking for. In retail, you are mainly dealing with customers face to face. If you’re creative you could be a visual merchandiser or if you’re a brilliant organizer, you could be a store manager. There are roles of all kinds from security guards to working in logistics.


The media industry is brilliant for creatives. In music, TV, and radio this a wide breadth of different roles available from editing, directing, and writing to more technical jobs like being a camera operator or an animator. The publishing industry is often included under the umbrella term of media too, which opens doors for journalists and salespeople.

So, if you’re looking for a new role with more security, aim towards getting a job in one of these industries. Industries who hire regularly and in large numbers are always the healthiest and most secure. If you’re a tech whiz take a look at IT, if you’re more of a hands-on person then consider manufacturing. If you’re a people person take a look at retail or healthcare, and if you’re really creative have a look at the media industry.

This guest post was contributed by Isobel Walster and may contain sponsored links.

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