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The best jobs for gearheads

What are the best jobs for people who are obsessed with cars? There are many to choose from, but here are the ones that I think are most interesting. Car Restorer Classic cars are becoming more popular with ordinary drivers. That … Continue reading

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Skills to demonstrate at an interview to win your dream job

Many people speak about the value of transferable skills. These are the key skills that are needed no matter what job or career you are moving to. Essentially, they are the same skills required whether you are a doctor or … Continue reading

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Media Careers You Should Consider Right Now

The media industry is massive, and there are jobs available. Bearing that in mind, here are three of the best media careers:    Journalist When people hear the word media, they often think of journalists. It’s arguably the most popular … Continue reading

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Skills you’re going to need for a career that involves web design

So, you’re at that stage in your life where you need to make a decision about your career. Perhaps you’re going to move down a new career path for the first time. Or, you could be switching from one job to … Continue reading

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What can you do to get the job of your dreams?

Work is not always what you imagined it would be. It is certainly a rude awakening when you complete your formal education and enter the ‘real’ world. The amount of hard work required and competition for jobs are astounding. And, as a result, … Continue reading

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Best Jobs If You Want To Help People

Many people out there don’t want to be stuck looking at a computer screen all day. They don’t care about making excessive amounts of money. Instead, they would rather know that their lives matter and they are making a difference … Continue reading

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Signs that teaching is the perfect career for you

When you’re looking at potential career paths, you need to consider your strengths. There are different attributes needed to be suited to different careers. Check out these signs that indicate you’re probably suited to a career in teaching. Good With … Continue reading

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