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Getting That First Job, a Roadmap

What follows is the first installment of a guest post by my son, Matt, who managed to find a first post-college job, after years of effort in the worst US economy since the 1930s. Read what lessons he learned that … Continue reading

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Mad Men, Working Women and My Cousin Jeannette

The early 1960s were her time to go to work, as so many young women did then. But she wasn’t content to just be a secretary waiting for some guy to marry her. She worked in a bank and, I think, became a manager, something unheard of for a woman then. Continue reading

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Have You Ever Yelled at Your Boss?

Read how I told one boss he didn’t have the b—- to fire me. Read about a major mistake I made with another boss that still haunts my career to this day, 13 years later.
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