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Know Your Rights: How to Deal with Office Misconduct

Employees often forget they have rights. There’s such a cultural mindset of being ridden by “The Man” that many forms of misconduct go unpunished. People just see it as an example of them being trampled on by those who are … Continue reading

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Job Opening — Category Manager, Chicago

This one came to me in a job postings roundup I receive from LinkedIn. Continue reading

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Guest Post: Welcome to Transition Nation or What Does Working Mean Today?

As a downsized executive who’s gone from a long-term corporate earner to a freelancer stringing contract jobs together into something resembling a livelihood, I made a sudden and stunning connection to these guys. Were these “networking” laborers really so different from myself…? Continue reading

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Guest Post: Don’t Be Thrown By a Career Setback

Tony and I do the blog GuysandGoodHealth.com, writing about men, health and eating there. This post ran on that blog but is relevant to AlwaysBeJobHunting.com too and so we are rerunning it here. At the beginning of my career I … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Yelled at Your Boss?

Read how I told one boss he didn’t have the b—- to fire me. Read about a major mistake I made with another boss that still haunts my career to this day, 13 years later.
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