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Job Opening, Chicago — Music Media Specialist

This came my way through a college alumni listserv I belong to, it’s based in Chicago. Continue reading

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Job Opening, Milwaukee: Field communication consultant

I saw this from a LinkedIn group I belong to. Northwestern Mutual was the first place I worked after college, holding a summer internship there before I went to grad school. Continue reading

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How do actors go job hunting?

First, it assumes you come prepared, no matter what the requirements set out before hand. Continue reading

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How good are you on phone interviews?

Know what you’re talking points are going to be for the call. Know what key words are in the ad you answered and be sure to get them in your answers. Continue reading

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How important is having a office to you?

It always amuses me when people start claiming some idea they have is cutting edge or a new trend. Invariably, it’s just a variation on an old idea. Such is the case these days with companies advocating open office designs, that is, putting all their workers in one big room with no individual offices. Continue reading

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Some straight-forward talk about today’s pay situation.

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Job Opening, California, creative director at a college

This came my way through a college listserv, there are a lot more details on the college site. This position is the primary leader in implementing the Saint Mary’s College brand through its visual identity and will support institutional marketing … Continue reading

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