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Pimp Out Your Resume To Make It Pop

You will have certainly been told many times that your resume is one of the most important parts of any job application. All recruiters and potential employers will expect to see one alongside a cover letter whenever you apply for … Continue reading

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Tips For Finding Freelance Work

Taking the plunge and going freelance can be tough but ultimately rewarding. The first steps are the most challenging but soon enough you’ll be able to find work on a regular basis, setting your own workloads and your own salary. … Continue reading

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How to include hobbies in your resume: 5 tips

When looking at a resume, recruiters really like to see a bit of personality. Qualifications and experience are very useful for gauging a candidate’s potential, but it’s also good to know what you will be like to work with. Someone … Continue reading

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Signs That Your Boss Is Taking Advantage Of You

No one wants to be taken advantage of, in any aspect of life. However, when your boss is the culprit, it can be even more frustrating than other situations. Part of the manager’s job is making sure you, the employee, … Continue reading

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Some smart business attire tips for 2017

This wonderful Dress for Success graphic is provided by London-based T.M. Lewin. click here to go to its home page, or here for men’s shirts and here for womens’ wear. Good advice on how to look good and impress at work. … Continue reading

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Three Old-Fashioned Jobs You Can Still Do Today

It’s an ever-changing world, one that’s always moving forward at a rate that can’t always be controlled. That’s a good thing for many things and people, but some people don’t want to hurdle into the future until they know where … Continue reading

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Good With Money? Make It Rain With These Career Paths

There are some people who simply seem to understand money at an intrinsic level. While the rest of us are scrambling for help with taxes and budgeting, do you have an iron tight grasp on your own finances? If you … Continue reading

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The Traits You Need To Thrive In A Hospital Job Role

Working in a hospital can be an extremely rewarding experience, whether you are a nurse working directly with patients or finishing up paperwork in an office. However, many of the traits you need to thrive in a hospital job role … Continue reading

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Let The Job Hunt Commence!

Hunting for jobs can be a long and tiring endeavour. It can feel like weeks of fruitless searching goes by, before you get any luck. In today’s job market, jobs are seldom found. And, when they are, they usually have … Continue reading

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Gear Up And Dress To Impress At Your Interview

One of the most important things to consider for an interview is your confidence. Most people will feel quite stressed about interviews. But, you still have to do them. So, instead of worrying, it’s best to think about the things … Continue reading

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