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Job opening — Communications, South Carolina

Good luck and always be job hunting! Continue reading

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Millennials and job churn, when will employers get it?

It would be nice to see the negotiation pendulum swing back to workers sometime soon, it’s been on employers’ side ever since Ronald Reagan busted the air traffic controllers union in the 1980s. Continue reading

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Branding and job hunting: more good advice from another source

Elements you’ll need to brand build include networking abilities, an ability to compromise, a way of going beyond just speaking about quality of your work and creativity, he says.
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Refuse to Participate in a Cutthroat Environment

Originally posted on Cperky's Blog:
It’s demoralizing to have a boss who pits you against your colleagues. Don’t give in to this dynamic. Instead, collaborate with coworkers to find your own ways of working together that don’t ratchet up…

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Online Degrees or Moocs –a guest post

Ava Reed is a freelance writer who approached me to write about MOOCs, which I had never heard of, and then agreed to redo her post to address how these fit into job hunting. Continue reading

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College debt and job hunting — a guest post

She had written me about running the infographic seen here and I asked how it related to job hunting. That prompted her to write this post about her own experiences. I think many can relate and so am running it today. I am not endorsing use of the company which created the graphic; the link will take you there but again I am not endorsing it or receiving any payment from it to run this infographic. Continue reading

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Why Should I Care About Networking?

I’m enjoying this person’s blog and her views on job hunting. John

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