Branding and job hunting: more good advice from another source

Always Be Job Hunting is all about personal branding. It tells you how I’ve built my brands over a 35-year-plus career so that I’ve only been out of work for a month in all that time.

But personal branding isn’t solely my idea and it’s refreshing for me to see other jobs experts writing about the topic as well.Young stylish businessman

One such piece appeared on recently entitled How to Use Your Personal Brand to Switch Careers. The piece discusses what personal branding is all about and then goes on to advise how to achieve it.

Branding, the piece states, is:

  • The best version of you.
  • How people experience you.
  • How people experience themselves in relation to you.
  • What you’re known for, what you’re known as and what you’re known for knowing.

“Think of it from an algebraic perspective: Your brand is the coefficient, and the goal is to make that number a little stronger every day. That way, when a new job enters the equation, you’re prepared to multiply the hell out of it,” writes Scott Ginsberg.

Elements you’ll need to brand build include networking abilities, an ability to compromise, a way of going beyond just speaking about quality of your work and creativity, he says.

Good advice. For more on branding as you change careers, see my book.

John N. Frank

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