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Careers That WIll Take You Sky High

Do you love the feeling you get when the plane lifts into the air, whenever you go abroad? Are you thrilled to look out the window and see the world stretched out below? If the answers to those two questions … Continue reading

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A Rough Guide To Becoming A Self-Employed Welder

Welding is an essential function for any construction work. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working on a guitar frame or an office block. Welding work will need to get carried out to join various pieces of metal together. The thing … Continue reading

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Five Vocations That Will Have You Set For Life

As much as job satisfaction is sought, there’s something becoming even more pressing in today’s tight job market. People are concerned about job security and reliability. It’s no wonder, too, given how fraught with danger the job market can be. However, there … Continue reading

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Is Now The Time To Consider A New Career Path?

Imagine that it’s Monday. You open your eyes as the screech of the alarm bellows in the background. Your body feels heavy, weak even. You’re tired, and you know that for the rest of the week you are doing something … Continue reading

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Drive For A Living – Some Suggestions

Do you ever feel like you just want to leave it all behind and hit the open road? Do you love travelling to new places? If so, maybe it is time you thought about becoming a professional driver. There are … Continue reading

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Land Your Dream Career In 4 Easy Steps

A satisfying career is one of the most rewarding blessings in modern life. But they don’t just happen. If you want to land the job of your dreams, then it’s imperative that you work for it.  Hard work and great … Continue reading

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The Best Ways To Find Work In Hospitality

Do you like the idea of sourcing a hospitality-related career? Are you struggling to know where to start? There are many strategies you could use to get involved with the industry. However, some are more effective than others. The suggestions … Continue reading

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Take These Practical Steps Towards Your Next Job

Landing that perfect job is not a matter of chance or luck except in one respect. You create the chance, and you make your own luck. Of course there are other factors that will influence things, but by and large … Continue reading

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Is a Career in Manufacturing Right For You?

The manufacturing world could hold many benefits for the right candidates. Indeed, that is why some people focus their efforts on that industry for their entire career. You don’t want to work as an unskilled employee in a factory. However, … Continue reading

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Launching A Small Business Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Does the idea of being your own boss appeal to you? Have you always dreamt of running your own business? Then launching a small business could be the perfect career move for you. While you’ve probably heard that starting your … Continue reading

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