Five Vocations That Will Have You Set For Life

As much as job satisfaction is sought, there’s something becoming even more pressing in today’s tight job market. People are concerned about job security and reliability.

It’s no wonder, too, given how fraught with danger the job market can be. However, there are some jobs that seem to be only little affected, if any, by the recent troubles. Here are just some of the vocations that can give you a long, secure career with little cause for concern.


An electrician is a trade that will undoubtedly never stop being relevant to the modern world. As far as tradesmen go, they have some of the best pay. Education can take a long time before you’re fully qualified, but electrical apprenticeships are easy to come by.

If you like working with your hands and working from place to place, then becoming an electrician might just be for you. 


If numbers and creative thinking is more your forte, this might be for you. Indeed, you will be happy to hear that the need for accountants has skyrocketed in the past few years.

With the amount of start-ups that the internet has brought, there is a whole new wave of entrepreneurs and business owners. All these people are in need of accountants. The job doesn’t just revolve around counting beans. Your expertise will be needed to create solutions and spot bad plans. It’s an engaging career that depends on always keeping on your toes as well as being mathematically proficient.


It may be true that factories are prone to closing when business goes bad. However, the expertise and experience of managing or engineering in manufacturing can be taken just about anywhere.

As often as they close, other companies tend to expand and need new hands on deck. When it comes to who they hire, experience will win out almost every time. 


Less glamorous than working as an electrician perhaps but plumbing is another career path that will be needed. Given how key plumbers are to new builds and renovations, it can be particularly lucrative, too.

In general, any trade to do with homes is likely to have need of more workers. This is doubly true for plumbing as it understandably doesn’t attract as many new workers.



A somewhat unconventional choice compared to the others on the list. Still, if it’s job security you’re looking to, joining the clergy could be the way forward.

Of course, it requires faith and a spiritual mind. It has a reputation for being emotionally draining. This is particularly true in communities where religion plays a stronger role.

Still, if you are a person of faith, it can be hard to imagine a more fulfilling vocation. It won’t be going anywhere any time soon, either.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it contains affiliate links.

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