Ideal Jobs for People Who Love to Travel

If the idea of being tied to a 9 – 5 job in the same location every day brings you out in a cold sweat, perhaps you should be looking at careers that involve some traveling. You may still have to work set hours but at least you will be seeing more of the world than four office walls, or the same place for each working day.

Au Pair

This is probably easier if you are bilingual, but there are plenty of English-speaking countries where families are looking for au pairs. You get involved in family life, helping to look after the children and generally helping out. It is a job that does not usually pay a great deal because you have your room and food provided, It does give you the chance to learn about other cultures though, and can be a very satisfying career.


Consultants are people who are specialized in a particular area, and your expertise could be needed anywhere in the country, or possibly anywhere in the world depending on what your specialty is. These sorts of jobs tend to have a very good salary, but you might have to be prepared to do quite a lot of training before you start.

Airline Pilot

This job carries a huge responsibility with it but it also gives you the chance to see the world while you are being paid. Aviation courses, like those offered by ACS, are a must, as well as other training about the planes themselves. This career pays a reasonable salary, as well as supplying you with a uniform to wear.

Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise ships are like floating towns, with all the same jobs available. They can be a travelers dream as you get your accommodation and food while traveling the world. The salary depends on what job you are doing, and as you would expect, the ships doctors earns more than a restaurant server. The great thing is that anyone can do a job on a cruise ship because not all of them need any training at all.

Diving Instructor

Divers see a world that many of us can only imagine, and being a qualified diving instructor means you can do this in any country you want. To be able to teach this sport of course, needs quite a lot of training, but once you have finished the world is your oyster. Salary wise, it is really up to you how much you want to charge, but you can earn a very good living teaching people to dive.

Flight Attendant

You do not need a degree to be a flight attendant as the training you need will be provided by the airline. They do prefer it if you have some customer service experience, but it is not essential. You get to fly all over the world, and although there might not be many days between your flights, there is usually enough time for you to see the places you have landed. Generally, you and your family will get discounted flights for vacations. It is not the highest paid job, but it is one that lets you see more of the world than you might otherwise see.

Leave that 9 – 5 job behind, and start to look at some of the careers that will enable you to travel.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links


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