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John N. Frank has more than 36 years experience as a professional journalist, the majority as a business reporter, editor and magazine associate publisher. He recently began a new career in market research, learning an entirely new set of skills late in his working life.

Frank knows first-hand the challenges people face trying to find a job today – a sluggish employment market, shrinking businesses and industries, jobs being sent overseas, employers who want cheap workers rather than experienced ones, age discrimination, gender discrimination – he’s lived through and overcome it all in finding 18 jobs during his 36-year working life.

During his career, he has launched three publications and two websites, had his own publishing company, and also overseen the redesign and relaunch of numerous other publications both on- and off-line.

He’s written about the food and beverage industries, real estate, autos, accounting, marketing, technology, debt collections, and futures trading, among other topics. He’s found jobs with local companies, multinationals and every size company in between, even working from home for seven years representing an international company in the Midwest. He’s also taught a wide range of journalism courses at Roosevelt University, Chicago.

He today writes two blogs, and Living on a Restricted Diet while he embarks on a totally new career in the world of business research. He and his wife reside in Evanston, Il. His daughter Jenny, a graphic designer, created his book’s cover, and is available for freelance and full-time design work.

He is available for speaking engagements about career planning, job searching, skills self-assessments and other employment and career-related topics. Contact him here or by e-mail at

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