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Dealing With Discrimination in The Workplace as an Employee

That gender inequality exists in the workplace is old news. Many business owners today have realized the undeniable benefits of equality and are working on improving themselves; sadly, this does not include every employer out there. As an employee, you … Continue reading

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Extra Skills To Stand Out As An Employee

There was a time when the best way to stand out at job interviews was just to have a degree from a university. Later, when almost everyone had a degree, a Master’s or any postgraduate degree would help you stand … Continue reading

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Careers That Will Put Your Problem Solving Abilities To Good Use

Do you think you have world-class problem solving abilities that you’d like to put to good use? If you think that this is a particular strong point of yours, then there are a number of careers that could be suitable … Continue reading

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The Basic Skills Of A Modern Employee

The modern job market is a lot different to the experience prospective employees would have had thirty years ago. Since the dawn of the Internet, competition has become a lot more intense in this area, making it harder for people … Continue reading

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4 Employee Rights You May Think You Have… That Don’t Actually Exist

When starting out in a new career, it can be extremely upsetting when our employers, colleagues and workplace are far from what we’re expecting. When we get upset at our employers (especially when just starting out), we tend to react … Continue reading

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Transitioning From The Stage To The Screen For The First Time

The theater is perhaps the most oldest form of written expression, being performed physically in front of the admiring world, in a bid to tell a story. The ancient Greeks were the first to develop this part of our civilization, … Continue reading

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3 Benefits From Taking A Year Out To Work Abroad

The idea of a gap year is nothing new; in fact, people have been taking some version of a ‘gap year’ for hundreds of years. Before they settle down into normal life, they spend a few months – or years … Continue reading

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