Dealing With Discrimination in The Workplace as an Employee

That gender inequality exists in the workplace is old news. Many business owners today have realized the undeniable benefits of equality and are working on improving themselves; sadly, this does not include every employer out there.

As an employee, you might feel trapped and unable to do anything about the biased mindset and lack of equal opportunities, and many before you have dreaded the step of doing something about it. Be on the frontline of change in your workplace and feel confident that you’re not risking anything by addressing the issue.

Make your employer aware of the inequality

It’s a natural step to take for any employee who has experienced discrimination in the workplace. Have a candid talk with the management and explain your experiences; although it’s not certain that they will do something about it right away, you’re making it clear that the matter is serious to you.

Discrimination can come in many shapes and sizes, and the chances are quite high that others before you have allowed an incident to pass without reporting it to the management. If you feel like they are not taking your concerns seriously, ask for a written report to be made every time you address a new incident.

Ask for an investigation and that they take prompt measures to avoid similar incidents. Don’t worry about standing your ground; employers are bound by law and have to give immediate consideration to all reports of discrimination and harassment.

Ask for on-site child care facilities

Demanding equality is often best done through action rather than words when you haven’t experienced an incident but would like to promote the cause nonetheless. We can’t all be vocal feminists – and sometimes, you will achieve a lot more by not pointing fingers.

A talk with your employer about how the company will benefit from providing quality on-site child care facilities for both mothers and father might be enough to open their eyes a bit.

It makes their company more attractive to prospective employees, they’ll decrease their turnover, and every parent who works for them will be able to worry less and concentrate a bit more on their work. The list goes on, really, and it applies to both genders; it’s what equality is all about, after all.

Promote the women in your workplace

Employers have the privilege of steering their company culture in the direction they feel is best for the company. As an employee, you have the privilege of being a part of this culture – and you can promote equality by encouraging them to hire more women – which is particularly relevant for STEM women and other industries where you’re likely to find more men than women.

Explain to the management that you would all like to see that they establish a policy that strictly forbids any form of discrimination, as well as making the promotion of gender equality a joint cause for everyone.

It’s a lot of money in gender equality, after all, and one of the best ways for business owners to continue growing their company.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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