Applying For A Job? How To Make Sure You Get It!

Applying for a job is one of the most difficult and stressful things that we do in the 21st century.  We’ve spent hours putting everything we can into our resume, dealing with phone call interviews and the excitement of the thought of a new job,  but then we’re heartbroken when we don’t get it and have to return to our current job with no want to do so.

There are a few things you can do in advance to help give you a step up in the job application process, so read on to find out about them!

Getting Extra Experience

If there’s something that employers are always going to look for, it’s relevant experience, but why do they look out for it?

Well, it shows them two things. Firstly, it proves to your potential employer that you are capable of fulfilling the job role because you have done so before in a different job,  but not only that, if you have experience then they will be able to spend less time training you, so you can get on with the job right away.

Employers love it when people visit workshops for extra experience as it shows a proactiveness that a lot of workplaces are missing! Companies like C3NY offer workshops in the medical field, so find one that will suit you!

Knowing Your Resume

So, let’s say you got into the interview, what’s next? Well, your potential employers are going to be asking you questions, and lots of them. It’s their job to find out as much about you as they can in the shortest amount of time in order to make a decision, and the only thing they’re going to know about you is what is on your resume, so they’re going to ask you about that.

If you don’t know your resume and they ask you about something on there and you can’t say anything because you don’t know about it, it will reflect incredibly badly and will most likely put you out of getting the job! This is why you should use memory retention techniques in order to remember your resume a week prior to your interview to make sure nothing catches you off guard.

Wake Up Early On Interview Day!

Possibly one of the most important, but hardest, thing to do is to wake up very early on the day of your interview, but why? Well, two reasons; the first reason is that if you get up and get traveling early enough, you’re going to miss all of the traffic so you’re not going to be late which sets a good impression.

The second reason is that it allows you to properly wake up and get ready for the interview instead of being tired having only rolled out of bed an hour ago!

You’ll need an alarm app on your phone for this if you don’t already have one, so make sure you get up early on the day!

Do all of these things and your chances of getting your dream job just increased. You’re going to be able to effectively answer any questions in the interview because you’ll know your resume and you’ll not be tired and you’ll have extra experience to show them to make them like you even more!

Online learning is one of the best ways to get extra experience, not just in physical workshops, so check this out to find out more.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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