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Age discrimination getting to you? Try these job hunting tips

Being a 50-plus worker today is tough. Being a 50-plus job hunter is even tougher. How do you get your foot in the door, much less get seriously considered for a position, in this environment? Continue reading

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Where are the best cities to job hunt? Here’s a surprising list

The bevy of smaller Midwest cities seems to be saying the rust belt days of the Midwest are fading, in some places at least. Continue reading

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Is LinkedIn Premium worth the cost for job hunting?

Another promised benefit, being able to see who was viewing your profile so you could contact people directly about jobs, also was an illusion. I discovered people can still mask their identities when looking at your profile. Continue reading

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Remember when companies offered health insurance?

Employers will run away from paying your health insurance costs like lemmings jumping off a cliff, believe me. The same pattern we saw with retirement plans, i.e. company-funded, guaranteed payout retirement plans giving way to people having to fend for themselves in 401Ks and IRAs, will repeat itself in health insurance. Continue reading

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Job Networking — three helpful phrases can go a long way

The second phrase is “do you know anyone at,” because you can’t know everyone but you can hopefully know somebody who knows somebody, who knows…you get the idea. Continue reading

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Job Opening — Designer, Birmingham, Al.

This came to me from a college alumni listserv, good luck and always be job hunting. Continue reading

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How to Land a Job Right After College: a guest post

The following guest post was sent to me by an associate of the author. I agreed to run it because it contains some job-hunting basics that are worth remembering. Continue reading

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