How to Land a Job Right After College: a guest post

The following guest post was sent to me by an associate of the author. I agreed to run it because it contains some job-hunting basics that are worth remembering. Enjoy.
John N. Frank

Are you searching for your first job after college? Searching for first jobs can seem to be an intimidating challenge, but there are ways by which you can easily sail through this phase and succeed in the end. The following are helpful tips to get you a job right after college.

• Updating Your Resume – It is important to polish and customize your CV as this is the first basic point of contact between you and your potential employer and can largely determine your employment success. You need to ensure that your resume is up to date and entails all the relevant information needed by a recruiter. It is possible that you may not have chosen a specific career path so you create multiple CVs directed towards a number of potential positions or job fields. You must be aware of the ongoing job trends of your industry and gather information about every organization you are applying to. Then, you can modify your resume depending on the available job profile and the requirements of the company. The main aim is to present yourself as an asset and prove that you are fit for the role.How to Land a Job Straight After College

• Networking – This is amongst the most crucial ways for landing a decent job post college. You can attend networking events to socialize with people of your field. Whether out for an interview or at a job fair, get talking with like-minded professionals and take business cards. Being recommended or referred is among the best ways to get you a job. Keep in touch with friends from college and ask them where they work or are planning to work. This way, you will remain motivated to do better or may even stumble upon an old friend working for some accredited multi-national that you were aiming for. You can then let them know your aspirations and check for openings and availability. The person can set the ball rolling by helping to set up an interview with the HR department.

• Utilizing the Power of Internet – The internet is an effective medium to spread a message and social media is an ideal tool to seek help for networking. One can make good use of social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other portals to let your career aims and aspirations be known. Consider posting your resume online for recruiters and agents to find you. However, make sure your profiles are clean and show you in positive light as employers these days glance through your social profiles to analyze your character and behavior. You may also register on job search sites and upload your CV on them. Sites like these offer the perfect platform for job seekers and recruiters to meet. You can find beginner jobs as per your field, location, salary expectation, etc.

• Practicing for Interviews – Before the actual interview, thoroughly go through your CV so that you are well-versed with its contents and are prepared to answer queries related to your work experience, qualifications and education. You may request a friend or relative to help you practice verbally. Also, study about the company so you have gathered adequate background information to better understand about the prospective employers and what they are looking for. On the day of the interview, make sure you dress up and arrive at least 10 minutes early. This will help you get relaxed and think clearly. Your conduct during the interview must remain polite yet confident, even if the questions asked do not relate to work. Let the employers finish speaking before you answer. This will give an impression that you are patient and calm. Before leaving, make sure you have conveyed clearly that you are interested in the job and respect the company. You may follow it up with the HR later as it will keep you in the loop and help you stay in the forefront.

About the author:

Devika Arora

Devika Arora

A writer by profession, Devika Arora is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of employment. She has written various articles, news stories and blog posts on job search and hiring. The above article is a compilation of facts and discussions on jobs for freshers and entry-level.

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