How do I cope with job hunting frustration?

Most job counselors will tell you not to get frustrated by a long job search, not to doubt yourself, to change your approach or something else you do.

I have advice on what to do as well, but I am the first to admit how utterly frustrating it can be to send out resume after resume and get zero response. ZERO, nothing. To know you’re qualified for jobs and not hear back?

It’s HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE! To deny that, or to say it’s somehow all the job seeker’s fault, is ridiculous, plain and simple.

So how do you cope? I think first you acknowledge what a pain it is, and then step back for a second, an hour or even a day or week. Let it alone. The more you rush to apply places out of frustration, the more desperate you’ll sound, and be.

Why is no one calling you back? Job hunting is extremely frustrating.

Why is no one calling you back? Job hunting is extremely frustrating.

Remember, the entire job hunting process is designed to make you feel worthless, to feel like just a number among millions. When that feeling overwhelms you, you need to step back and get some emotional strength to fight it off.

Then get back in with a fresh perspective on what you’ll try next. We’ve run guest columns on people trying different approaches, start by reading those to get your creative juices flowing again.
John N. Frank

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