What are 10 job hunting mistakes?

Everyone loves lists, even I have run some here from time to time as they relate to job hunting or holding onto a job. So I thought I’d share a list of 10 job hunting mistakes I came across recently.

Do you have a list of job-hunting don'ts? Try this one.

Do you have a list of job-hunting don’ts? Try this one.

The list, from author Fred R. Myers, includes:

1. Relying on Online Job Postings
2. Mailing Unsolicited Resumes
3. Looking Only for Job Openings
4. Ineffective Networking
5. Leaving Yourself Open to Many Kinds of Jobs
6. Being Unplanned in Your Search
7. Doing it Alone
8. Letting Others Control Your Job Search
9. Not Preparing Well Enough for Job Interviews
10. Not Knowing Your Market Value

Myers’ book is called Get the Job You Want Even When No One is Hiring. I signed up to get a 50-page excerpt from the book, I’ll let you know what I think of it. I’m wondering if Mr. Myers has lived his job hunting lessons as I have mine.

I might quibble with some of his Top 10 but I can agree if you do them all, your chances of finding a job will likely go down.

But what if you’ve avoided all these and still can’t get a job? Read what I have to say about job hunting frustration tomorrow.
John N. Frank

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