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You Aren’t Trapped In Your Job You Know…

Well, if you didn’t know this, then we can assure you that you’re not alone. The amount of people who stay stuck in a job that they don’t even like, because they feel as though they’re trapped, is really worrying. … Continue reading

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Job hunting is like a game, so why not create one

I’m intrigued by a recent article I saw about some British entrepreneur trying to launch a job hunting board game called Worker Placement. Continue reading

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Waiting for a job offer? Don’t wait, keep hunting

I heartily agree with a recent posting I saw on the ivyexec blog telling job hunters never to rest if they think they soon may get an offer. Continue reading

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What happened to Always Be Job Hunting?

Beginning Dec. 30, I will be the new news editor for Modern Healthcare magazine and its associated e-newsletters. I will be returning to journalism after trying a two-year career change to become a market research manager. Continue reading

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How do I cope with job hunting frustration?

Remember, the entire job hunting process is designed to make you feel worthless, to feel like just a number among millions. When that feeling overwhelms you, you need to step back and get some emotional strength to fight it off. Continue reading

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What are 10 job hunting mistakes?

I might quibble with some of his Top 10 but I can agree if you do them all, your chances of finding a job will likely go down. Continue reading

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College debt and job hunting — a guest post

She had written me about running the infographic seen here and I asked how it related to job hunting. That prompted her to write this post about her own experiences. I think many can relate and so am running it today. I am not endorsing use of the company which created the graphic; the link will take you there but again I am not endorsing it or receiving any payment from it to run this infographic. Continue reading

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How Do You Start to Re-enter The Work World?

If you’re planning to leave the work world for any reason, Always Be Job Hunting by keeping current on who’s hiring, who’s expanding, etc., as I outline in my book, for the day when you do return. Continue reading

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What’s the Jobs Outlook for New Grads?

I sincerely hope college job placement efforts are better these days than they were when I, or more recently my children, graduated college. Don’t rely just on those or you’ll likely be waiting tables or making coffee rather than finding the job you want. Continue reading

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Why Am I Not Getting Job Interviews?

My advice is that if a resume isn’t getting you interviews, change it to get people’s attention. The same goes for cover letters, customize them to each job to stand out from the massive crowd that’s out there looking. Continue reading

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