What happened to Always Be Job Hunting?

This blog has gone dark in recent months, so you might be wondering what happened to Always Be Job Hunting?

The answer is I’ve been job hunting and didn’t want to write about anything that might tip off my current employer that I was looking for a new opportunity.

The good news is I’ve found such an opportunity. Beginning Dec. 30, I will be the new news editor for Modern Healthcare magazine and its associated e-newsletters.  I will be returning to journalism after trying a two-year career change to become a market research manager.

I got the job. I start my new position Dec. 30.

I got the job. I start my new position Dec. 30.

Without a doubt, this has been the toughest job hunt of my career, one that had me questioning many of the job-hunting lessons I amassed in my book. I came close to getting a position in late spring, literally being interviewed by 15 people at that place and wondering how I could not get the job after that much scrutiny.

Well, I didn’t get it and became quite depressed by the setback. I spent three months regrouping, and stared searching again.

My new position came about very quickly, which has been my experience when it comes to finding a position that is right for you. I had my first in-person interview for the spot the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 27 and had a job offer Dec. 17, roughly three weeks later.

So I’ll be writing again, writing about the ups and downs of my latest search, and of the job I’m leaving, to help you in your quest.
John N. Frank

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6 Responses to What happened to Always Be Job Hunting?

  1. Delia Flores says:

    Congrats! Crains – working for Ron Alsop?

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