How to Send the Perfect Follow-Up Email 

You’ve prepared night and day for this interview that you’ve finally landed! Your resume has been tailored to the position. Your follow-up questions are ready. Interview day comes, you feel successful with the interview, and now it’s over and your work is done.

So the next step is to wait to hear back from the recruiter, right? No, you’re not done yet.

Don’t be someone who overlooks this step. The best thing to do after an interview is to send a thank-you email

Did you know that 57 percent of candidates don’t send follow-up thank you emails, but 91 percent of employers prefer to receive them? 

Here are a few ways to leave a positive impact on the recruiter with your follow-up email. 

Why Write a Follow-Up?

Sending a follow-up email will slightly increase your chances to stand out as a candidate and could be the determining factor for the next steps. It shows that you have proper communication skills. The email will not only remind the recruiter of who you are, but also shows your excitement for the position. 

What Should You Include? 

Here are a few basic points to include when sending a follow-up email:

  • Follow-up within the next 24 hours
  • Start by choosing a straightforward subject line
  • Begin with reminding the recruiter of your name, the position you are seeking, and the time or date of your interview
  • Express thanks for their time
  • Keep it brief

Follow-up Email Example After Interview 

Subject line: Thank you for your time

Dear Ms. Singleton,

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday afternoon about the marketing specialist position. It was a pleasure learning about your background and experience.

I especially enjoyed discussing the client intake process. After learning about the role I’m positive my skill set and experience from my previous position will be valuable in achieving the company’s goal and motto of “being better is better.”

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Paris Jolie


For more templates and best tips when sending out a follow-up email, check out the infographic below.

Darasha Singleton is a content writer from Augusta, Ga. She has a background in TV  broadcasting and entertainment journalism, which has led her to cover a range of unique topics. In her spare time, Darasha enjoys watching rom-coms(especially Netflix Originals), musicals, learning French, and creating content for her own socials. To learn more, connect with Darasha on Twitter.

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