Tips For Preparing For A Job Interview

Job hunting can be a real slog and something that no one enjoys. This is why, if you manage to get through and secure a job interview, you want to make sure it goes as well as it possibly can. Job interviews can be cut-throat, but as long as you are as prepared as possible you will be in a much better stead for it to be a success.

It is important to keep in mind at all times just why you want this job and ensure you do plenty of thorough research in the run-up to the interview. A lot of companies use consulting recruitment agencies to aid with their candidate search and they can also help you throughout the process.

Here we have put together some top tips for preparing for a job interview that should get you that bit closer to getting the job of your dreams…

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Research, research and even more research 

This is one of the most important things to do when preparing for a job interview. It may sound obvious, but it should never be overlooked. Give yourself plenty of time to do as much research as possible about the company and the role you have applied for.

Follow the company’s social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and take note of anything they are saying on these channels as this could be brought up in the interview. If not, you can always impress them with your knowledge and bring it up yourself. The more research you do, the more you can impress and show the company you are keen and enthusiastic about working for them. 

Prepare some questions to ask them 

Although most interviews involve you answering the questions they are asking, it’s equally as important for you to have a list of impressive questions that you can ask. Not only does this show you have done your own research, but it also shows that you are forward-thinking.

When you are being interviewed, try to think of questions on the spot that relate to what they are saying, this can be a useful way to show off your knowledge and show that you are listening and interested in what they are saying. When doing your research for interview questions, write them down, and speak to a friend to gain their opinion on them. 

Dress to impress 

When going to an interview you always want to be smart and presentable. Make sure you are wearing a shirt and trousers and if you think it’s required a suit. Shoes are a must, so make sure you polish them before attending the interview.

First impressions are key, imagine if you were interviewing someone who didn’t make an effort for an interview, if they turned up in trousers and a t-shirt, would you think they were keen about the job? Probably not. Most companies will be interviewing multiple candidates in one day, so make sure you stand out from the rest in order to be remembered. 

Research The Interviewer 

This may not be possible all the time as companies may not tell you who will be interviewing you, but if you do know who the interviewer is going to be, do some research on them before the interview. LinkedIn is a great place to start when researching the person who is interviewing you, from here you can see their previous jobs, any posts they have made and a picture of who they are.

You should also browse the companies website as some will have a meet the team page where you can see their bio and more information about their role in the company. When doing your research you may find you have some friends in common which could help you land the job if you bring it up in conversation. 

Practice, Practice, Practice 

In life, practice is key to anything if you want to succeed in it. This is particularly true when it comes to an interview. Before your interview practice with your friends and family members, go through common interview questions and prepare yourself for any awkward questions they may ask.

By rehearsing you can say your answers out loud which is completely different to answering the questions in your head when practicing at home. Ask your friends to ask questions back at you depending on the answers you give and make sure they don’t go easy on you. After all, the person interviewing you at the company certainly won’t. 

Have you got a job interview coming up? What tips do you have for preparing for an interview? Is there anything that you would like to add to the points above? Let us know in the comment box below. 

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