The Ultimate Guide To Background Checks

If you’re applying for a job after graduation or thinking of switching careers, a potential employer may request a background check during the hiring process. A background check should ensure that the information you provided on the employer’s application is accurate.

It also allows a potential employer to determine if you’re a good fit for the position and its company. Waiting until you’re in the middle of your job search to prepare for one is not the best idea. Knowing in advance all the information a potential employer might uncover can help you present your best self.

Prepare for a background check by doing as much detective work on yourself as possible. Start by requesting a copy of your credit report from one of the three major credit bureaus. Credit reports are often used to determine if an applicant can be considered responsible and financially stable.

Review your resume — be sure to spot any inaccuracies before the prospective employer catches them.

Run a background check on your criminal and driving records. Be aware of any red flags you may have such as a history of traffic violations. This can help prepare you for questions pertaining to your driving record — especially if the position for which you are applying requires a license.

Jobseekers should also review their social media profiles and posts for anything that may be deemed offensive. Conduct a thorough Internet search of your name and, if needed, clean up your online image by requesting the removal of unflattering information.

It’s imperative to be as accurate as possible when providing information to an employer, since it may withdraw a job offer if a discrepancy is found. For more tips on how to prepare for your next background check, see the accompanying guide.


Christian Moore is COO at Global Verification Network. He has more than 20 years of investigative and business experience with competencies including surveillance, competitive intelligence, pre-employment and course-of-employment background screening. 

Global Verification Network offers employment screening for big and small companies alike.







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