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How to Be the Magic Manager Every Employee Admires

You remember when you were a 9-5 employee clocking into your mundane, monotonous job every single weekday. You had to literally drag yourself out of bed and make an appearance in the office, simply to make ends meet. This kind … Continue reading

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5 hidden costs of running a small business

Small businesses are actually the backbone of most national economies. Unfortunately, they face the most hidden costs and regulations. A key factor in running a small business successfully is, managing cash flow. You’ve probably accounted for all the expenses associated … Continue reading

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Leasing a car: When it is a good idea?

Leasing or buying a car absolutely depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. There are those who love driving a new car every time while keeping up with the most recent models. For such people, leasing is probably a more … Continue reading

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Lessons on Being a Better Boss

In many instances, people will get a promotion or work their way up to be a manager, only then to find out that they do not have what it takes to become a manager. It is certainly a skill to … Continue reading

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Job Opening: PR Management, Chicago

Here’s another opening I received through a college alumni group. It’s with a major Chicago-area employer and requires a good deal of experience. Continue reading

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ABJH Excerpt: Learning on the Job

Looking back all these years later, I’m struck by the hubris with which I took my first management job. I really did think I knew it all and started out with that attitude, alienating people who’d been at their jobs there for decades by the time I’d arrived. Continue reading

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Always Be Job Hunting Excerpt: Landing a Management Job

Today, we continue to run excerpts from my new book, Always Be Job Hunting to give you the flavor of the book and encourage you to check it out on Amazon.com Chapter 3: Finding a First Management Job Once I … Continue reading

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