Becoming A Teacher: Everything You Need To Know

Teaching is a popular and rewarding career which offers great opportunities. However, it can be a challenging job that requires a lot of patience and responsibility. Here are a few things you should know about becoming a teacher before deciding to do it as a career.

You get to help inspire young people

Working with young people as a teacher can be very rewarding as you see them achieve goals and do well in class. A lot of people go down the career field so they can inspire young people. They see them flourish and finish the school year with a new-found knowledge. They can teach their students in a way they would have liked to have been taught. Therefore, if you want to inspire young people and make a difference, then teaching could be right for you.

Not one is the same

A lot of people think that teaching a class of kids is easy. But you have to deal with around 30 or more students who all have different skills and personalities. That means you have to ensure all of them are learning and getting the correct help.  It can be even more difficult if you are at a high school where you will be encountering different students every class! You need to ensure you have the right skills to deal with issues students may be facing. Therefore, you might want to go for some extra training such as Dyslexia Courses, so that you can spot if any students require any help. If teaching doesn’t sound right for you, you could become a learning support assistant. That way, you can just work with one or two students who require extra help and help them to flourish in their education.


Stick to tight deadlines

It’s so essential that you are organized when you are a teacher as there will be a number of tight deadlines you will need to meet. You need to ensure your students are skilled enough by the time the exams arrive. Otherwise, they will end up all doing badly as they had not learnt enough before. To ensure they do well, you need to have lesson plans and complete sections on time. Also, after the exam, you must make sure all copies are marked within a strict time frame. If you hate working to a tight deadline, a career as a teacher will not be right for you.

You don’t technically get all the holidays off

A lot of people think that teachers automatically get all the school holidays off so that they can relax. But a lot of the time teachers have to carry on working through the holidays.

They need to sort out the lesson plans for the next year and get their classroom ready. They often have to go to training so that they can learn about new education formats for their students. Also, people think the short schools days are a luxury to teachers. B

ut a lot of the time, they have to work at home to ensure the work is all marked by the next day. Therefore, you should never head into the field as you think it will be easy.

Remember to get some need experience in a school if you want to head into a career as a teacher.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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