Awesome Career Ideas For Those That Love To Travel

Do you like the idea of getting out there and seeing the world, meeting lots of people, and ditching the dull and boring 9 to 5? If so, why not explore some of the many career avenues out there that give yourself an opportunity to indulge your passion for traveling? We’ve put together a non-exhaustive list for you right here, so read on and find out more!


Cruise worker

Few people get to experience cruise ships due to the sheer costs involved in booking a holiday on one of them! However, if you want to travel the world by boat, there are few better ways than to get a job on board a cruise liner. There are plenty of opportunities available, from singing, dancing, and entertainment, to being a bartender or waiting for staff. Working for cruise companies can be tough, and you will be expected to do a lot for your money. But the camaraderie is known to be exceptional, and there are plenty of opportunities to progress in your career.

Commercial pilot

Love flying? Then why not investigate getting your commercial pilots licence and seeing the world from the best possible position – flying high above it. Of course, the competition can be fierce if you want to start flying for airlines with some of the most advanced technology on the planet at your fingertips. But anyone with the drive, passion for flying, and appropriate eyesight could end up as a pilot with a lot of hard work and dedication.


Travel blogger

Starting a travel blog can be an excellent way to fund your travels and get out there and experience the world. It’s a lot of work, however, and you will need to be a great self-promoter to ensure your blog reaches the kind of readership volume that allows you to make money from advertising. If you love writing, you can also become a travel writer – and it’s not a bad life. You will get to explore many different countries and be paid to stay in hotels and resorts all over the place. Again, competition can be fierce, but if you have the wordsmithery skills, nothing should stop you from success.

English teacher

All over the world, many people want to learn English or give their kids the opportunity to do the same. And that means that armed with a TEFL or TESOL, the world is your oyster. Teaching English to foreigners gives you an incredible opportunity to go wherever you want, from small villages in Africa to privately teaching children of the world’s wealthiest families abroad.


An importer or exporter

Love travel but also have a flair for entrepreneurialism? If so, then why not set up a business in the import/export industry. You will spend an enormous amount of your time going to different countries and experiencing new cultures on your quest to find new products that you can bring home with you – and sell on for a profit. Getting started in the import and export businesses isn’t cheap, but with a little capital and the right frame of mind, nothing is stopping you from success.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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