Finding A Career That Allows You To Help People

It can be hard to find a career which perfectly suits your talents and personality, but the only thing any of us can do is find the best fitting job for our individual mindsets.

If you’re a caring person or simply a people person then there are more options for you in terms of careers which harness your skill set than you might think. Personality traits are valuable skills in themselves, and there are employers in all manner of industries looking for people such as you who truly care about others and want to do things to help change the world.

Here are some such careers that will allow you to help make a difference.


Whether you’re teaching French in a local high school or traveling the world to teach English to impoverished children, everybody speaks at least one language and so everybody has the ability to pass this skill onto others. All it takes is the additional skill of empathy and you’re already of the right mindset to be a teacher.

Passing your skill onto others in countries wherein certain pockets of children might not have access to a functioning school (or to any child or adult of any background, rich or poor) is truly a wonderful way to help people and make a huge impact on the world.


If you’re willing to further your education in the pursuit of the perfect career that allows you to help others then you might want to consider the legal profession. If you’re a passionate individual who’s tired of seeing injustice fall upon the shoulders of innocent people then the best way to make a difference would be to get directly involved.

You could help everyday citizens get the result they deserve when they find themselves in a courtroom seeking justice because a lawyer requires not only brains but a social and investigative personality.

If you’re passionate about that world then it might be a path worth pursuing.


This is a very obvious and straightforward option, in many ways. It’s probably an industry you’ve considered, in some form, on your quest to find a career which allows you to help people.

There are so many different levels to the healthcare industry that you could a thousand different routes career-wise if you were really set on helping people in terms of their health.

You could look into BA healthcare online if you were wondering where you’d have to begin to get qualified. There are options for you in the healthcare industry whether you’re keen on becoming a doctor or a nurse who helps people in terms of mental healthcare; as mentioned before, there are many different kinds of healthcare, so there are many different job roles out there.

You could even take an administrative role if you’d rather help outside the hands-on environment. Do some research, and see if any of the options out there speak to you.


This is a popular industry among people with the desire to help others. It’s the very essence of helping someone; you may already play therapist to your friends and family when they’re dealing with tough situations because you just want to help them heal or come to a solution for their problem.

If that’s the case, then a career in therapy may be perfect for you. It requires listening skills, which you’ll definitely have if you care about listening to others and learning of their problems, but it also requires communicative skills, which you should also have if you’re a sociable people person.

If you have a warm and comforting personality then you have something natural that can’t be taught in any school, and this trait is the most important part of being a therapist.

Patients need to feel comfortable when talking to their counselor.

Social work

Governments change all the time, but people’s situations often don’t. The best way you could serve your local community is to help them on a direct level by providing the resources, advice, or personal care they need to deal with the challenges life throws at them.

Becoming a social worker is a great way to give back to the community, and you become the friend as well as the professional advisor that many people in struggling situations need; you can listen to people when nobody else will, and you can do something when nobody else will.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to you in your future career is simply that you help people, whoever they are.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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