Changing Careers When You’re In Stuck In A Rut

You’re interested in a change of pace, if you’re stuck in an office and fed up staring out the window longing for fresh air. Then maybe switching jobs is what’s best. Switching to a completely different path to what you want can be tricky, but also incredibly liberating.

You spend five days out of seven at your job, there is always time for a change. Taking the first step is thinking what you want to do, even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Whether you’re having a midlife crisis, bored or fancy a complete overhaul the first step is to not put yourself down. The minute you say you can’t you’ve failed.

Even if you have a good job,you’re comfortably uncomfortable. We stay for the security and money but the feeling of being unfilled or that something is lacking is an indication it’s time for a change. Thinking of changing career be prepared for a long trip its journey and not a day trip.

If you are unsure on what direction to take, invest in volunteering or within the freelance field. If you want to try working with animals, try volunteering or helping at the local animal shelter. Thinking of ways to get into your field by testing the waters by volunteering allows you to see if it’s right for you.

Getting out there and looking what you can do to change your working life and home life. Being stuck in a rut impacts all aspects, looking at various options is a great start.

Reach out to professionals in the fields that interest you. This gives you a chance to see first hand how the working environment can help you. Going to a career coach or center can give you great information on where to access these places. They offer places that are willing to host job shadowers and how the industry works.

Try learning something new by attending classes or learning from the comfort of your home.How to teach English online is a rewarding experience, giving back to people and enhancing your own skills. This is showing initiative to future employers showing your willingness towards change.

When the time comes to applying for the job in question, be prepared to write a cover letter that reflects your goals. Have it reflect the new goals you wish to achieve.You may feel at a disadvantage experience wise. Include relevant new skills through the volunteering schemes or extra education taken.

Remember it’s more than just your career, it’s all about your life and how you live it. Waking up each morning looking forward to your day rubs off on your health. Keeping your health in check is important, being unhappy in your work can impact them massively. Working life can impact all aspects of your life, starting the journey is the correct step towards a happier life.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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