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Healthy vegetable burgers!

I’d try this with egg whites instead of whole eggs and no pepper, I’m not into spicy things. I like an alternative to pre-made veggie burgers which are loaded with too much salt.     Healthy vegetable burgers!.

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Job hunting is like a game, so why not create one

I’m intrigued by a recent article I saw about some British entrepreneur trying to launch a job hunting board game called Worker Placement. Continue reading

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Waiting for a job offer? Don’t wait, keep hunting

I heartily agree with a recent posting I saw on the ivyexec blog telling job hunters never to rest if they think they soon may get an offer. Continue reading

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Job hunting while you have a job: here’s some important advice

My rule is tell no one you work with, even your closest friends. They might let something slip that will come back to haunt you. Continue reading

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