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Getting Comfortable in Your New Office

It can take a while to make yourself comfortable at a new job. There are new people to meet, new ways of working to get a grasp of and a boss to impress. If you can make your new office … Continue reading

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Working and Studying Abroad

Finding job opportunities is difficult for anybody, but for some of us, it is almost impossible to find the career we want in our home country. Whatever the reason, it is sometimes necessary to move abroad to work, or it … Continue reading

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Some smart business attire tips for 2017

This wonderful Dress for Success graphic is provided by London-based T.M. Lewin. click here to go to its home page, or here for men’s shirts and here for womens’ wear. Good advice on how to look good and impress at work. … Continue reading

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Technical Jobs You Can Do That Didn’t Even Exist Ten Years Ago

Do you want to do a technical kind of job? Many people do. In this sector, there are loads of jobs that didn’t even exist 10 or 15 years ago. These days, they are often highly sought after and pretty … Continue reading

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Has Your Business Been Ripped Off or Scammed? Here’s What To Do Next

There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve been ripped off, and that your hard-earned money has lined the pockets of a scammer or of someone who hasn’t done their job properly. And when you’re an entrepreneur the results can be even … Continue reading

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Make Your Next Fortune As A Property Developer

Working in the modern property development industry can be challenging for a variety of reasons. First, you might find that there is a slump in demand lately, due to the poor economy. Most people are unwilling and unable to invest … Continue reading

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Advice For The Newly Unemployed: Steps To Get You Back On Track

  Photo by IannyBoy The feeling of losing your job is a terrifying one. This is something that has been taking up 40 hours of your week, possibly for years on end. Even if you have known it is coming, … Continue reading

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