Online Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Your Dream Job During A Pandemic

Landing that dream job you’ve been painstakingly researching and waiting for to open up is nerve-wracking. Landing that dream job you’ve been painstakingly researching and waiting for to open up during a pandemic is frightening. Many businesses have taken a devastating hit as the pandemic continues to affect the job market with orders to close down businesses temporarily or lay-off employees indefinitely.

While job opportunities and employment are not scarce, businesses are transitioning to work-from-home set-up, which means job applicants are competing with a broader range and variety of equally qualified applicants that could be based anywhere in the world. More applicants mean more interviews, which means a smaller window to make a lasting impression on the recruiter.







The majority of us are more confident and comfortable interviewing in person. Our charm and charisma translates better without any barrier – physical or virtual. Online interviews are intimidating and, oddly enough, we tend to be more self-conscious about this set-up versus an in-person interview.

Knowing how you can prepare for a job interview can help you early on. Nerves are reasonable, especially when your dream job is at stake. Don’t let the nerves hinder you from acing that online interview and landing that job you’ve been aiming for.

Here are some short, sweet, and foolproof tips that will help you get your dream job during this global pandemic.

Be Available

As mentioned before, you won’t be the only one vying for that job vacancy, and you may be competing with applicants from all over the world. Usually, recruiters send out interview schedules to multiple applicants. Make sure that you promptly confirm the schedule and avoid rescheduling at all costs. Time is of the essence.

Know Your Stuff

It goes without saying that you go in for an interview knowing the company’s background, understanding what they are about, keeping tabs on their social media platforms and website, and everything in between. It may sound like a repetitive tip, but you’d be surprised by how many applicants go in for interviews without a clue about the company they are applying for.

Get to know the position a little bit more, as well. While roles and responsibilities are pretty similar across all posts, knowing that that specific position may have unique added functions will be a great highlight to work into during the interview. A graphics design position is pretty straightforward, but the company may be assigning mock designs or set-up for events for that position, and knowing ahead of time will help you highlight your decorating skills during the interview.

Be Tenacious and Personable

We are in survival-of-the-fittest mode. With unemployment on the rise, the competition for employment is more selective and ruthless than ever. While education, skills, and work history will always be critical components in qualifying more than the next applicant, making a unique impression will help seal the deal. A likable and personable charm will always be a welcome vibe, however, being tenacious is just as impressive, if not more. Showcase that you are hard-working, keen for growth opportunities, motivated, and skilled for the job. Your incomparable characteristic and personality is an added edge that will be valuable to the job at hand.

Showcase Your Portfolio

While your resume lists your job history and skills, it doesn’t list that super functional captive portal you designed or how you managed to exceed sales goals with pennies for a marketing budget. In any interviews, you only have one shot at convincing the recruiter that you are the only person perfect for the job. You even have a shorter time to do so in an online interview with more limitations than a personal appearance.

Put together a visual presentation of the innovative projects you spearheaded or an organizational system you implemented successfully. Interviews are mostly a sales pitch, the product being yourself.

Securing a job is not usually a walk in the park. Keeping an open mind, optimism, and staying confident while job hunting during an interview, or just life in general, is a great attitude to instill.

Grace Carnes (the author’s pen name) is a passionate writer and a contributor to She writes about job searching and career.


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