Guest Post: Five volunteer opportunities job seekers should consider

Stephanie Faris, the author of this guest post, writes for Masters in Accounting, a career resource site for individuals interested in starting a career in the accounting industry.

Volunteer work can be a great way to get your foot in the door in your chosen industry.
Whether your choice is to serve on a committee at a conference related to your business
interests or help out at charity events, you’ll be able to give back to the community while
networking with those who may become instrumental to your future career.

Here are five volunteer ideas for job seekers that can easily provide networking opportunities:

Church work
Obviously this is something you would choose if it fits your personal preferences, but if you’re regularly attending church, consider becoming more involved. Volunteering to help out with various events will push you beyond simply saying hello to your fellow churchgoers on Sunday mornings. You’ll be able to get to know other church members and make contacts that could lead to an opportunity.

Nonprofit work
This is especially important if you’d consider a career in nonprofit work. By volunteering for the organization, you’ll get the chance to make a positive impression on potential employers. You’ll also be able to try out the nonprofit before committing to a full-time job there.

Political campaigning
If you have an interest in driving the direction of our nation, helping out with a political campaign can be a great way to make a difference while networking. Often the connections you make can lead to a career in government or law, depending on your education and interests.

If you’re having a hard time finding work in your field, an internship may be the answer, especially if to add experience to your résumé. Unpaid internships are often necessary in fields you’re looking like broadcasting and journalism, where a young recent graduate is required to have experience that would otherwise be hard to obtain.

Volunteer locally
Whether you serve on the board of your neighborhood association or become actively involved in the PTA, volunteering in any capacity can lead to important connections. Similar to working in the church, volunteering brings you out of the audience and puts you in the limelight, meeting people.

The key to finding your dream job is to leave the house and meet people, as often as possible. Volunteering allows you to become a part of the community while helping others and meeting people who could help you with your job search.

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