Positivity: Your Best Friend During Those Brutal Jobseeking Moments

We can hear you grumbling already. Yes, we know that job-seeking isn’t a fun time. It can be stressful, challenging and disheartening. But you are going to make it through it. You’re likely to make it through it a lot quicker and with a lot less emotional scarring if you try to change your attitude, too.

Being positive is crucial to staying sane during those long periods of unemployment. It keeps you motivated, keeps you on point and makes you a lot easier to be around.


Have a daily routine

Routines are good for more than just keeping us fit to work. They’re an important part of structuring our day. Making sure we take the time out to take care of ourselves, to get dressed and have a healthy breakfast at the start of our day. When you’re unemployed, it’s easy to let your schedule drift away. To stay up late and barely pull yourself together in the mornings. That has a serious effect on your mood, however.

If you get ready for the day, you feel ready for the day. Follow the kind of guidelines highlighted in http://www.medicaldaily.com/10-morning-routine-habits-healthy-lifestyle-including-what-wear-and-how-stay-396612. You’re more in gear and ready to take it on, as
opposed to just going through the motions and getting more miserable.

Spread the love

You likely aren’t isolated during this trying time, either. If you live with friends, family or a significant other, you can’t pull them down into a funk with you. It can be easy to feel bitter or jealous when someone you love accomplishes something while you feel like you’re wasting space. But you have to get past that. You have to celebrate their triumphs and be there for them in their hard times, too. Even when they get a promotion, some heartfelt congratulations, as recommended by places like http://growthfreaks.com/congratulations-on-your-promotion/, is much better than a grumble. It makes you a lot more pleasant to be around, keeps your relationships healthy and makes them a lot more likely to help you out as well. You need supportive people around you, make sure you’re not pushing them away.

Make plans for yourself

The idea of upward development is something you should carry with you at all times. Not just when you’re employed. You should be working on your skills when you’re out of work, as well. Get back on track, looking at opportunities to learn new skills or applications for courses. Take a thorough look over your resume and think about what skills you can add to it, now. Take the time to spruce it up, giving it a unique look or a unique way of delivering it. For instance, some smart folks are putting their resume online to make it even easier to stand out now. Lay out steps for the future on how you’re going to keep building yourself into the best pick for the job.

You need to keep having faith in yourself and keep treating yourself and others with the same courtesy as you always would. Positivity turns into confidence which only makes you more likely to get the job. Otherwise, you risk the slippery slope into stress, depression, and low self-esteem.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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