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Help Your Kid Stand Out To Future Employers

We all want our children to reach great levels of success once they finish school and college. But the fact is that these days the world is very competitive. It’s hard for anyone to find any position, let alone in … Continue reading

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Constructing Greater Opportunities As A Contractor In The Construction Arena

In the construction game, it isn’t uncommon for people to work as contractors rather than traditional full-time employees.    If you are going to take this route, however, it is imperative that you make it work for you. The last … Continue reading

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Is Freelancing The Right Career Type For You?

  When you first start to think about the right career for you, or what alternative career path might suit you, you can often think of some of the more traditional careers, like a doctor or lawyer. But, depending on … Continue reading

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Is Construction the Right Industry for You?

Working in construction is an exciting prospect, with modern-day techniques and equipment at hand and new and innovative designs for buildings. However, it is not a career that is suited to everyone. If this is something you are considering, read … Continue reading

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Love The Open Road? This Is Your Perfect Job

Some people are never happier than when they are cruising down an open road or highway. They just love the sound of cars whizzing by, the roar of the engine and the thrill of swinging expertly in and out of … Continue reading

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The Right Way To Distribute Your CV

An amazing CV and resume are one of the best ways of getting noticed, of course. But there is a lot more to a successful CV than highlighting your amazing achievements, listing your incredible work record, and creating off an … Continue reading

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The Art of Getting a Raise

Let’s face it — pretty much everyone wishes that they could get a raise but so few of us actually ask for one in the first place. In many companies, it is not enough just to work hard and do a … Continue reading

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