Is Freelancing The Right Career Type For You?


When you first start to think about the right career for you, or what alternative career path might suit you, you can often think of some of the more traditional careers, like a doctor or lawyer.

But, depending on your personality, you might enjoy something more flexible, like freelancing. When you freelance, you can work in a wealth of fields, like accounting or journalism. However, you still need to decide whether the nature of freelance work would be right for you. To help out with that, take a look at these questions and consider whether the answers are what you’re looking for.

Do You Like Company?

First up, let’s talk about atmosphere. When you work for a company, no matter if it’s a multinational conglomerate or a small business, you will have colleagues. When you’re freelance, you don’t. It can be lonely, and you can go days without seeing or speaking to anyone. Yes, cabin fever is a definite possibility here. But, you do also have the option to work out in public, like in a cafe, or collaborate with other freelancers to create a working space together.

Can You Wear Multiple Hats?

After the atmosphere, let’s look at the nature of the job itself. Because it’s just you, you have a lot to do. Aside from the work you’re offering, you also need to be the sales department, the marketing department and the finance department to name a few. Yes, that means you have to do the work, promote it, be the client contact and ask for the money, all at once. If you can handle that and happily switch roles throughout the day, freelance life will be a breeze.

Do You Have Financial Backup?

Most people think of the flexible working hours and excitement of setting their own rates when they consider freelancing, but it’s not all fun all of the time. Sometimes, you don’t get paid. So it’s important that you have savings to keep you covered when that happens. But it doesn’t stop there. Before you go freelance, you also need funds to get you started, because expenses like equipment and insurance from somewhere like Qdos Contractor are necessary for your business.

Are You Okay With Uncertainty?

If you’re not good with change or struggle to be flexible, you might find freelancing a bit of a challenge. Because it involves a lot of uncertainty. Yes, the clients are great most of the time, and yes it’s amazing to be paid what you want for the work you do, but it’s also a real possibility that you’ll get messed around by clients and have payments held up. So, you need to be sure that you can handle that before you quit your job to become a freelancer.

Are You Confident Enough To Drum Up Business?

If you can handle the workload, uncertainty, financial position and potential loneliness, you’re on the right track. But, you also have to be able to handle one last thing (and it’s pretty important), and that’s finding the work itself. Drumming up business and selling yourself can be scary, but you do have to put yourself out there if you’re going to find clients. If you’re okay with that, then freelance work might just be right for you.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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