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Leadership: Dealing with Conflict when Working as a Team

When you have a lot of people who are working together, they will undoubtedly be faced with friction. When a team goes through the process of working together to achieve a common goal, all members soon realize that the whole … Continue reading

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The Hidden Depths Of The Mind Or The Medical Approach?

Some people find solace in work that is hands-on and requires a manufacturing and design mind. Others find that academia is more their kind of thing and so we each go on our own pursuit toward becoming a member of … Continue reading

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It’s Not All Doctors And Nurses…

Attempting to forge a career within the medical profession is a noble act. Many people will assume that you’re either a doctor or a nurse if you tell people at a dinner party that you work in medicine. While you … Continue reading

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Sick Of Your Job? Only You Have The Power To Make A Change

It’s incredibly common for people to end up getting trapped in a job that they hate. Whether it’s because the job is dull, it offers no real satisfaction, or simply because your boss and coworkers are unpleasant and frustrating to … Continue reading

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What To Do When Stuck in a Work Rut

We’ve all been there, that feeling as the alarm clock wakes us up on a Monday morning and the creeping sense of dread of a week’s worth of endurance awaits us.  Whilst some are lucky enough to have found their … Continue reading

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Finding Work in Another Country

Deciding to move to a new country is something that appeals to many of us. Whether we are unhappy at home, disappointed with how our home countries are run, or with the opportunities that they afford us, or simply looking … Continue reading

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Alternative Ways To Make Money As An Artist

Give this writer a pencil or a paintbrush, and he will provide you with something that can only be described as abstract art. The trouble is, he was attempting to create a straight-up portrait of a bowl of fruit, so … Continue reading

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