Which Creative Career Are You Best Suited For?

While the attraction of a creative-minded career is high, it can be tricky for college students to make their choice and navigate the deep waters of creative jobs. Depending on your personality and your set of skills, you will find that a variety of career options are open. Here are a few tips to find where to put your creative talent to grow your career.

Organized and educated creation

If you have a love of music and more important a strong knowledge to apply the necessary discipline to the creation or the rendering of music pieces, there are many ways you could build a solid career. If you have a strong interest in sharing knowledge and creating passion, you could embrace a career as a music teacher to encourage young people to bring music into the world. If you enjoy bringing joy to an audience by giving life to masterpieces, there are still plenty of options to become a full-time musician, whether you play locally at a variety of events or join an official orchestra.

Pouring your feelings out

If you have a strong sensibility and can easily put yourself in the shoes of someone else, acting is the right path for you. However, while not everyone decides to follow drama studies, there’s one thing that all aspiring actors have in common and its casting. If you’re looking to make a break with a great acting role, have a look for the casting offers from AuditionsHQ, which can get you both on the Broadway stage or in films.  Who is this career path for? As a rule of the thumb, people who understand their emotions and are not afraid to use them work best here.

Share your message through images

If you think that an image can speak a thousand words, then you want to put your skills to the service of a design career. Admittedly the entry-level jobs might seem a little dull as you may get stuck correcting a page layout or colors, but it’s the ideal path if you’ve got an eye for details and shapes. You might find that you’ll get further with a degree, but you can learn your craft at a desk too with senior mentors.

The coding geek who can make the future

In a world of digital gadgets, there is a growing need for people to create more digital tools to help monitor everyday aspects of the professional and personal life. In other words, being able to write code is the most in-demand creative skill at the moment. However, this career path is best-suited to individuals who have a logical mindset and who can design flowchart of interconnected user actions.

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The power of storytelling

Finally, if you prefer the peacefulness of words, you can use these to build powerful stories. As Stephen King notes

, writing is not for everyone. It’s a world of harsh criticism, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t break through. Good writers are those who can write to please themselves and rely on thinking and preparation to perform.

Whether you’ve got an organized mind, a keen interest in logic or love for visual elements, there is a different creative path for everyone. You just need to seize the opportunity!

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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