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The reader reviews for Always Be Job Hunting have been unanimously positive. You can read excerpts here or see them in full on Amazon.com. Each is another reason for you to buy Always Be Job Hunting now for yourself or as a holiday gift for the job hunter in your life.
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In the future, I will recommend Always Be Job Hunting to these folks as well as others who are working to advance their career.

I read Always Be Job Hunting in one long sitting. It’s written in easily digestible chapters and each concludes wtih a concise lesson on what readers/job hunters can take away from the author’s experiences.

This book could easily be worth $1 million to someone who is at an early stage in their career. That’s how much more they could easily earn over the years by taking advantage of Frank’s many useful and concrete tips about how to identify the job you want, get it, and succeed in it.

John Frank has what feels like a record – on average, a new job every two years for 36 years. He gives us the lessons of this amazing job hunting (and getting!)record in this valuable and accessible book.

John Frank’s “job hunting handbook” is an easy and enjoyable read. Its content is informative and quite “Frankly” candid demeanor, which describes his real world experiences in his extensive 36 year’s career

The advice is straightforward and well-told. The title sums it up pretty well – keep the resume updated, expand your knowledge of new technology, network, be willing and able to take on assignments, and welcome change.

That he has “ridden the wave” successfully for 36 years in a profession (journalism) that has been under constant pressure all that time is a 5 star recommendation itself.

I can’t think of a better person to advise you on this subject!

Mr Frank’s book is highly informative, enjoyable, and something that I will be referring back to many times because its important that we always be hunting!

Job-seekers can learn a lot from the real-world experiences John N. Frank recounts in his book.

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