The Right Way To Distribute Your CV

An amazing CV and resume are one of the best ways of getting noticed, of course. But there is a lot more to a successful CV than highlighting your amazing achievements, listing your incredible work record, and creating off an eye-catching, unusual design. In fact, the way you distribute your CV is just as – if not more so – important.

So, never forget that no matter how long you spend on your CV masterpiece, it’s vital to understand you need to get it out there. It isn’t going to get you a job while sitting on your desk, or even on lying unopened on the desk of a potential employer. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through all the important things you need to do to make sure your CV is working hard for you – and getting you that all-important next job role that could well define your future career.


First of all, make sure your Linkedin profile is up to scratch, looking great, and contains all the information about your experience you need to attract employers. Don’t forget, while Linkedin is primarily a tool for business networking, it is often underused when it comes to finding jobs. You can also use vital keywords to attract recruiters who are looking for specific people with your skills.

Recruitment agencies

As the Pure Staff recruitment agency state, part of the recruitment consultant’s role is to match their clients with the perfect candidate. And that takes a lot of pressure and wasted time out of your hands in several different ways. You just upload your CV to their site or on job boards, and if they need a candidate like you, they will get in touch. However, don’t be shy in contacting the agency on a regular basis. You will find that if you show enthusiasm for getting a job, your CV will often remain at the top of the pile when new jobs come in.

Job fairs

Job fairs happen all through the year and all over the country. And they are a great opportunity for job hunters to distribute their CVs in more ways than one. Recruiters don’t turn up at job fairs just for the sake of it – they are actively there to find talent. And if your CV is impressive, you can expect them to get in touch – you may even get an on-the-spot interview.

Niche job boards

Finally, most of you will already have your CVs posted on general job boards like Indeed and Adzuna. But it’s important to remember that these places are visited by millions of people every year, and every job listing is likely to get dozens – or hundreds – of clients. You might be better off finding niche boards that focus on your skills and expertise, as the recruiters that use them are looking for people from particular fields.

Your local business community

Finally, don’t forget to hand in your CV to local businesses – in person. Local business owners are always happy to hear from people who show an interest, and they may even create a role for you if they like what you have to offer. It happens more often than you think – so why not give it a go?

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