Give Your Interview Technique A Make-Over And Get That Job

Are you getting fed up of missing out on the jobs that you want? When you spend hours (or even days) job hunting and just get passed over time and time again it is time to take action. If distributing you CV is getting you interviews but no job, it must be time to make some radical changes to your interview skills.

Employers have to interview many candidates for each job that they advertise so unless you are exceptional you are going to get overlooked. You need something in your interview that will make an employer realize that you are the right person for the job.

There are a few aspects to your interview that could really impress an employer and they are your research, how you present yourself and your knowledge.

Do your research

Don’t apply for a job that you know nothing about. If you have never worked in that sort of industry before it would be wise to get some work experience or some voluntary experience under your belt. Find out about the organization that you are applying to. When were they set up? What are their core values or mission statement? What are their goals for the future? Then think about how you fit into their plans and why they need you to achieve their aims and objectives.

Presenting yourself in the right way

This is all about the way you look, the way you talk and your body language. Appearance is very important at interview. A smart suit is always required for an interview but you could dress down a little if you want to work in the creative industries you are applying for a job in an organization with a laid-back vibe. The fact that you are dressed up shows that you are treating the process, and those that are interviewing you for the job, with respect.

Your appearance is also about the way you talk. Your English speaking skills are very important. You can find out how to improve English speaking skills and make a better impression in your interviews. You can find out how to use an English language speaking partner, listen carefully as well as speaking and read out loud to your perfect your skills.

Brush up on your knowledge

You can show that you have knowledge by presenting your qualifications and being able to talk about what you have learned. However, it is important that you are able to show that you have applied your knowledge in a workplace setting. Your employer needs to be assured that he or she will benefit from your knowledge.

IT skills are very highly valued by all employers in both the public-sector and private-sector. If you can show that you understand how the world of social media works in business then that is even better.

Think of some ways in which this knowledge has benefited one of your previous employers. Did you solve an IT crisis at work? Did you use your skills to set up a webinar or a conference? If you can show that you combined these technical skills with showing some initiative and leadership you are onto a winner.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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