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Start Your Professional Career Without a Degree

There is often a lot of pressure to get a degree before you begin your professional career. Many professions seem like they require at least a bachelor’s degree when that might not always be true. You definitely need college education … Continue reading

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Help Your Kid Stand Out To Future Employers

We all want our children to reach great levels of success once they finish school and college. But the fact is that these days the world is very competitive. It’s hard for anyone to find any position, let alone in … Continue reading

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Non-Graduates – You Can Still Learn Your Way To The Top

While having a tertiary education is more important today than it ever has been, it doesn’t mean those without degrees cannot achieve success. In fact, take a look around at some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, and there is barely … Continue reading

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You Need These Personality Traits for an Outdoor Job

Working outdoors can seem like a dream come true for some people. There are many different jobs that could fall under this category. They range from construction worker to park ranger and could be in a number of different environments. … Continue reading

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Are Employers All That Bothered About Hard Skills Anymore?

We live in exciting times. The unemployment rate is down from its peak in 2010 (though it’s still too high). And more and more people are being funneled through the college system. But there is something not quite right about … Continue reading

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College debt and job hunting — a guest post

She had written me about running the infographic seen here and I asked how it related to job hunting. That prompted her to write this post about her own experiences. I think many can relate and so am running it today. I am not endorsing use of the company which created the graphic; the link will take you there but again I am not endorsing it or receiving any payment from it to run this infographic. Continue reading

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