How to Change Careers and Find Your Dream Job in 3 Steps

Looking to make a career change? You’re not alone: 1 in 3 Americans ages 25 to 45 made a career change since their first role graduating college. Especially with the Great Resignation, more and more professionals are making choices that serve their career goals. This is especially common in industries like tech where 72% of tech workers reported considering a job change. This article will go over how to make a successful career change into your next role.

1. Do an audit of your current position

Find out what isn’t working at your current job and use that to inform what you want in your next role. Making a pros and cons list can be immensely helpful for this exercise.

2. Make a list of the skills you have

The skills you learned from your current or previous positions are great resources for the next steps in your career. What skills are transferable? Can you pivot at all? Talk with a career coach or a mentor if you’re struggling to identify skills.

3. Brainstorm career paths and job opportunities

It’s time to go to the drawing board! Map out potential career paths and the jobs they entail to uncover where to go from here. Below are two career mapping exercises from AngelList that can help you uncover your next move.

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