Technical Jobs You Can Do That Didn’t Even Exist Ten Years Ago

Do you want to do a technical kind of job? Many people do. In this sector, there are loads of jobs that didn’t even exist 10 or 15 years ago. These days, they are often highly sought after and pretty well paid. So, which of these new jobs are the best? The ones below all offer something different to someone like you who is looking for a technical job in the new digital economy.

Cloud Computing Specialist

The cloud is being used by more and more people, as well as businesses. It offers you a fantastic way to store things without having to keep hard drives in the office. This makes it less likely to get corrupted or lost. And security in the cloud tends to be much tighter too. To keep cloud computing systems ticking over and doing what they need to do, specialists are required. This might be a technical job that interests you. If you understand the cloud and how it works, it could be a good job to take on. The demand for these specialists is increasing all the time.

App Development

Apps are a big deal for many different reasons. Retailers use them to sell to customers in new ways, and games companies make the most of them too. In truth, there are an infinite number of ways in which apps can be used and what can be done with them. App developers are the people behind their design. Without them, apps would never get made. These days, we all interact with apps in one form or another, so we have all come into contact with the work of app developers. That’s a fact, even if you don’t consciously realize it.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for shaping businesses’ approach to platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They make sure that the company is managing to engage with customers and target customers on social media sites. If they don’t, businesses won’t get the number of customers they otherwise could. That’s how important social media managers can be. They have to understand what makes customers tick and how to engage with them in an effective way online. There are many strands to this job, so it has to be done carefully. If you think that this could be the job for you, you’ll need to be good at managing your own profile on social media first.

Data Analyst

For most modern companies, data has a big role to play. It’s not something that can just be ignored any longer. Instead, it’s something that has to be taken very seriously indeed. Data can tell companies how they are performing, how their target market are buying, and many other things

These days, there are very few areas in which data isn’t useful. And this, of course, leads to a high demand for data analysts. These are the people who look at and interpret the data. All that data is useless without good analysts to tell bosses what it all means for the business.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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