Introvert Jobs: Careers That You Can Tackle Alone

Some people work better on their own. A lot of people dislike the office environment because it’s filled with noise and annoying co-workers. If you’ve ever wanted to just put on a pair of headphones and carry out your daily business, then you might be an introverted worker.summer-office-student-work

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, many job searching services have categories for people that prefer to work on their own. Whether it’s human beings that annoy you or team-based work that frustrates you, here are some jobs that you should consider if you work better on your own.


Although you’ll have to find clients and deal with requests, freelancers can dictate their own working hours and take on whatever jobs they want. While it might be difficult to get yourself out there initially, there are some freelancing jobs that will be perfect for you. The key is to not rely on your degree or previous qualifications, and instead build, up a portfolio for clients to see your potential.

You could create works of art and sell them online, you could design logos and websites for companies, or you could write about subjects for various blogs and magazine publications. The best thing about it is you can work anonymously or under a persona. Many writers use pen names to shield their identity when creating works of fiction that are outside of their normal genres, and anonymity is a big deal on the internet so it’s normal to write guest blogs and articles under a different name.

Truck Driver

It depends on the company you’re working for, but many truck drivers spend long hours driving across far distances to deliver goods and supplies to different businesses. Some assignments will have you driving across the entire continent, while others will be just an hour or two to reach another town. It’s a very personalized job because you can usually take whatever routes you want and you can admire the scenery and listen to music while you drive.

You’ll need to obtain a truck if you want to work freelance, or a commercial driving license if you want to be employed by a company. Make sure that you’re insured as well in case you end up in a trucking accident.

Data Analyst

If you possess an analytical mind and can process data extremely quickly, then the life of an analyst might be your calling. Analysts are expected to compile huge spreadsheets and documents that are full of numbers and figures for their clients. Not only can they process that information at lightning speed, they can also tell you why those numbers matter, where the problem is, and how to fix it.

Analysts can make sense of numbers that few people could even comprehend. If you enjoy the thought of zoning out and processing huge amounts of data, then sign yourself up for an analyst job. You’ll need to have a degree in the relevant fields, but if you’re a talented analyst then you can display your skills via a portfolio and utilize freelancing for even more freedom.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.

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