Where Do You Look for Job Ads?

Part of the philosophy of Always Be Job Hunting is to attack the job hunting battle on every front possible. So recently, when someone in an online group I belong to asked where she should look for job ads, it got me thinking about my approach. I look on all the possible types of sites that now carry job ads. Namely:

* General job sites like Careerbuilder.com. You can set up daily alerts for jobs with specific titles in the locations you want to work. These come to you via e-mail but to be aggressive, check the site itself daily for jobs that are missed or that use some variation of a title you may be looking for.

* Profession-specific sites. In journalism, which was my profession, Mediabistro.com seems to have become the prime place to look for jobs. Find which is the site in your line of work that companies most often use and check it daily. Set up e-mail alerts there as well if they’re offered.

* Job aggregation/crawler sites. Sites such as Indeed.com crawl the Web collecting job ads from a variety of other sites. I get daily e-mail alerts from Indeed for myself and for my daughter who is searching for a graphic design position.

* Social/professional networking groups such as LinkedIn.com. More companies, including the one I now work for, post ads to LinkedIn as a first choice.

* College alumni groups/job boards. If you’ve gone to a college, even as a part-time student, find out if it has a jobs/career site and if it lists job openings. Often these come from people who also graduated from a given school so your connection to the school gives you an advantage in being considered when there’s hundreds of resumes to sort through.

* Professional organization/trade association sites. You likely have to be a member to see job ads on many of these, but membership can produce networking benefits and dues are tax-deductible.

A warning on any site you visit for job ads, never send money to anyone, scams abound when it comes to job-hunting. If someone says you need to pay to get an interview, run away as quickly as possible.
John N. Frank

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3 Responses to Where Do You Look for Job Ads?

  1. That’s super advice! If you need help using Career Builder feel free to reach out @CBHelp.

  2. Great places to look. When I was job hunting I also joined groups of interest to me (marketing, social media, etc) on LinkedIn and group members or recruiters would often post job ads to the group’s discussion board. I also found Twitter to be a hidden job market. You can follow feeds that only tweet jobs.

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